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What are clients saying about Southern Heritage Genealogy?

We love hearing from clients. If you would like to compliment or critique our services, feel free to complete this form. You may also use the form on the "CONTACT" page.

What has SHG helped you accomplish?


Kim enabled me to investigate the history of one my ancestors in a part of the country inaccessible to me.

- Richard C.


What was your favorite discovery?


We uncovered two amazing 100-year-old portraits for the people we were tracking.


How pleased were you with the end result?


[Kim] was very thorough. The end product was so well researched and documented that I see no room for improvement.

-H. Carter from California

What I've learned...


I have been able to fill out details of the extensive time my ancestor spent in Mississippi during the 1820s, details largely unavailable to me... including the hitherto elusive place of his burial.

-R. Crisler from Kentucky

What I liked...


... how incredibly well organized [the]  report was... I'm so grateful.

-S. Schwartz from Texas

Every presentation is...


... wonderful. You're the best speaker I've heard. Please come back again!

- Joan from Mississippi

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You speak from experience.


I feel like you've been where I am in researching, and you are humble in your speaking style. Thank you for the great information and insights.

-John from Tennessee

What I liked about the Presentation...


Your [presentation] delivery style and relaxed approach were so enjoyable when discussing aspects [of genealogy] that can be a bit challenging to present.  You speak from an approach so many of those in attendance could relate to.

-J. White from Tennessee

Thank you, Kim!


I appreciate all your help in assisting us with DAR. 

-J. Barker from Oklahoma

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